Everette Stephens Abuses Children

Everette Stephens enjoys and takes a sadistic pleasure in hurting those that are weaker than him. Everette Stephens is an abuser. Everette Joseph Stephens aka EJ Stephens abused me over and over and over with a grin on his very weak chinned and bloated face. 

My name is Angelo Benedetto and I am no longer afraid to tell the truth about the abuses I suffered at the extremely weak and feeble hands of Everette Joseph Stephens. 

in the early 1990s Everette Stephens aka Everette Joseph Stephens entered into a romantic relationship with my mother. At first Everette was charming and caring. Opening doors and buying dinners aka the classic “Love Bomb”.  He would come over to our house and bring me toys and candy sometimes.  I even tagged along once or twice to the movies. Everette would buy me popcorn and snacks. I remember he would wear denim pants and a denim jacket and drove a red Honda Prelude that reeked of the most awful cologne. The smell was so pungent that you could taste it inside that car. It smelled like if socks had somehow eaten cabbage and then vomited. Everette Stephens succeeded in smelling like a douche 20 years before Axe Body Spray existed. Probably the greatest achievement of his worthless life. Honestly just Everette’s awful fashion sense and lack of any kind of taste should have been a red flag. 

After a bit of courtship Everette moved into our house with myself, older brother, and mother. Everything changed drastically. 

It was like a light had been switched off. He changed from a kind and happy guy to someone full of bitterness, jealousy, and malice. What was once a nice man who would take time to talk to me became a bitter, angry, cowardly shell of a human. Snapping and snarling at even a “Hello. Good Morning.”

Now what kind of person, what kind of pathetic loser, gets jealously competitive and abusive with an 10 year old child? Or attempts to abuse my 14 year old brother? (I’ll explain) 

Of course, I didn’t realize at the time, this was his true and genuine ugly self. Nothing more than a common unremarkable thug who wears a veneer of tranquility. Everette claims to be a Godly Christian man and it’s nothing more than a facade hiding a trollish bitter punk who preys on those weaker than him. 

Over the course of 5-6 years from I believe 1990 to 1996 Everette Stephens subjected  me to daily abuse and humiliations. I was subjected to Verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. It was both blatant and brutal. 

Everette willfully did things to a 10 year old’s body that should never ever be even considered. 

At 10 I came home late from school. I was with two friends who lived directly across the street from us. When I came home I was in a lot of trouble as my mother and older brother had been worried. Everette took me into my room to “talk” to me where he stripped my pants and underwear off and proceeded to whip me with a belt. He abandoned the belt after 17 whips and proceeded to punch me in my stomach, back of the head, neck and back. This beating ended with a few more belt whips and Everette explaining his need to “beat the faggot” out of me while telling me to stop “wasting time with the n****rs across the street”. 

Calling me a pussy and a faggot became a bit of a hobby for Everette.  Now this isn’t at all a creative or intelligent person so he never really strayed from the basic homophobia and bullying. Although he would sprinkle in some racism every now and then for good measure.  The guy was just so full of hatred for himself and those around him. It was no wonder he openly used racial epithets.

I remember my 11th birthday and wanting Exo-Squad E-Frame toys. Everette decided to call me a “faggot bitch” because I didn’t want a football. This is very strange considering Everette never played anything beyond junior varsity high school football and lacks any kind of athletic ability. Everette was a big Stolen Valor guy. He pretended he was in the military and he pretended he was some kind of athlete. All completely false. He would get so angry when I mentioned those facts. They were small victories but I relished those when I could get them. Even though I would usually receive a slap across the face or a punch in the stomach for my efforts I took pride in pointing out Everette’s many, many weaknesses. It was the beginning of me rebelling and finally standing up to this sick and twisted cur. 

We moved to Orange Park Florida when I was 10-11ish and my brother was 14-15ish. Here Everette attempted to bully my older brother. My brother has always been a bit of a hot head and he proceeded to pepper Everette with a couple of jabs to the face and body and then simply tossed Everette out of his way like a dirty bag of laundry. As I’ve explained Everette was and is a pretty weak guy physically. While he was able to bully and beat a 10 year old, the 15 year old made Everette literally shed tears of pain. My brother got out of the house soon after this incident and made his way back to California. 

At 11 I didn’t know how to use the gas pump at a gas station in Orange Park, Florida and Everette, again, called me a “faggot bitch” and kicked or stomped me flat footed in the back as I was crouching on the ground around a small red gas can. I sprawled out on the dusty concrete, spilling gas on myself. Everette told me if I told my mother he had kicked me he would do it again and worse. 

At a Rally’s (aka Checkers) in Orange Park Everette knocked my burger out of my hands and laughed and jovially enjoyed his burger fries and drink as I sat there with no money or food. Things like this, the outright abuse, would only happen when we were alone together. Or once or twice in the presence of Everette’s vile crone of a mother. She seemed to be proud of her pathetic loser of a son handing out a beating to an 11 year old boy. 

There were several incidents in which I had not mowed the lawn up to Everette’s standards and he would knock me over and force me to lie face down in the grass with his disgusting dry bare foot pushing down onto my back, neck, and the back of my head. Apparently this was to help me see the grass better. When he did this he would also force me to ingest grass clippings and dirt. 

At 12 Everette planted a small bag of money in my closet that he had stolen from his own son to make it appear as though i had taken the money so that my mother would send me away. This guy didn’t see me as a son he saw me as competition or some kind of enemy to get rid of. 

Everette would regularly not allow me to even sit on the furniture reserving couches and chairs for his own blood children.

While living in Orange Park, Florida Everette more than once took me on a short drive to Jacksonville, Florida one city over to show me this huge house with a sprawling lawn. (I’m from the Bay Area, California so if you even have a lawn it’s huge in my eyes.) Everette would tell me that this house was the headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan in Florida and that they would kill me and my mother if Everette instructed them to do so. I never knew if this was just some random house that this racist child beater wanted to use to intimidate me with. 

At 12 I was just discovering my sexuality and desires and Everette just walked into my room late at night as he had been watching me touch myself. He mocked me and called me a queer and then retold the story of my humiliation at the breakfast table this next morning in front of my mother, Everette’s own decrepit crow of a mother , and his two children. Who knows how many late nights Everette spent looking at me in bed? To this day I don’t think Everette was getting any kind of sexual pleasure from this. It was simply another way to be an intimidating menace and make me live in fear. The guy walks around pretending he’s some kind of tough macho dude. The reality is Everette is only capable of intimidating children.

When I was 14 in Coronado, California Everette and I were carrying a dresser together down some stairs. The dresser was very dusty and Everette decided to blow the dust into my eyes and then called me a “pussy faggot” for dropping the dresser. He Then shoved me backwards down 5 stairs which I tumbled down really twisting my neck. 

This isn’t the behavior of a father or even a begrudging roommate. Everette wasn’t interested in being my father or even my friend. He simply wanted all of my mother’s attention and threw little crybaby fits about not getting it. 

He attempted to get me to move out countless times. Forbidding me from basic living needs such as lights and even sometimes food. 

Everette Stephens is not a fun loving musician. He once attempted to show off his musical “abilities” to me and when I was unimpressed he proceeded to ram me in the stomach with his electric guitar. I was 14 at this point and starting to get a little bolder and ripped the guitar out of his hands and threw it straight at Everette’s head. I missed and he ran to tell my mother that I had attempted to assault him. 

As I’ve explained before Everette is nothing but a bully and a coward. The minute anyone stands up to him Everette will run away in fear. 

I know nothing of Everette the jovial, upbeat, guitar strumming, pineapple and Aloha musician. I don’t see Jimmy Buffet  or Kenny Chesney when I look at Everette. That is a complete façade. I only know Everette the Neglectful and hate filled monster that enjoys dolling out emotional and physical abuse. The cretin that took pleasure in hurting a 10 year old defenseless child. 

Everette never once explained his Behavior and words. Of course, there is the obvious fake tough guy rhetoric. Everette is short, not at all athletic, and has spent his entire life in mediocrity. A bully who can’t bully will find someone to bully and unfortunately for me Everette only has the physical strength to bully and abuse children. 

Everette’s behavior has had a huge effect on my life. For a while I abused those that I love because of this sickness that I carry around. I’ve destroyed relationships and have lost love that will never return to me. I took responsibility for my life and became an adult. 

Everette Stephens was arrested on September 9, 2019 on charges of Domestic Violence and Battery. You can read about it here.

THAT is the real Everette Stephens. Dead and hate filled eyes. There are no palm trees or pleasant beach breezes in those eyes. A domestic abuser and a cowardly liar.

Everette Stephens Beats Children.

Everette Stephens Beat Me. 

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